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After a certain period of time it is essential to alter the way things are done and switch towards a better way of handling them. Similarly pharma companies are also switching over to sales force automation software to increase their sales and revenues.  Our sales force automation software helps you in simplifying tasks which in turn makes your employees happy. With E-cubix pharma the employees are not over burdened with work. E-cubix pharma is built and designed as pharmaceutical software which supports all types of client entities and keeps a check over inventory management and distribution management system. It is very accurate, convenient and reliable sales force automation software.


With our E-cubix pharma automation software you can track your business activities with the help of your mobile phone or computer or even a laptop. E-cubix pharma software is the number one pharmaceutical sales force automation software in the market today. It is very simple to use and is helping a lot of pharma distributors, pharma manufacturing companies, wholesalers and chemist stores. Not only that, it efficiently managed expenses, inventory, income, pricing and contracts etc. No matter whether you are starting from zero or you already have an existing system with you, the major advantage of our pharma software is that it supplies a step by step check list of tasks you need to complete to get started. Due to its numerous benefits, E-cubix pharma is adapted by the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. These companies depend upon E-cubix pharma for manufacturers to provide full fledged tracking and approvals online, multi level yield-management, forward & backward lot traceability & quality control processing. E-cubix pharma provide a comprehensive point of sale solution which is very easy to use and can manage large volumes at the same time. It also helps with intelligent price management, accelerate sales and margins. It combines data between the stores & the warehouses. With the help of this sales force automation software all purchases, bar coding, transfers, receiving, consolidation of sales, pick list and MIS is generated. E-cubix pharma saves a lot of time & money. A person can access both business as well as personal data within a simple mouse click in an economical manner. This software has enable pharma companies to identify and eliminate investment risks. To find out more you can visit on to

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eCubix Pharma is an excellent Sales Force Automation tool designed with intelligence for simplifying the tasks of Sales Admin department, Field Sales team, Distribution Department, Distribution Depots and Management Team.

Posted by: Ruchi
Posted on:  Oct 10 2013 1:51PM

eCubix provide the unique feature as SMS Reporting which helps the field employees to be more focus on their key activities rather then spending time on reporting and cybercafes. Real time reports and analysis helps Managers and HO to be more concentrate on developing the business in revenue terms....

Posted by: Abhay Gupta
Posted on:  Oct 10 2013 2:16PM

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